Month: June 2021

Dentist in 29653 | Healthy is the New Beautiful

Greenwood Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry has been around for ages. We’ve noticed that now, more than ever, people are concerned with overall wellness in addition to a beautiful smile. In past years, we had many patients come to us seeking whitening and seeming unconcerned with ridding their smile of infection and decay.  Dentist in Hodges, SC 29653 More recently, however, […]

Coffee and Your Health | Dentist in Hodges

Greenwood Dentist

Coffee is well-known as hazardous to teeth, but there are things you can do besides cut it out completely. Here are some things to know about coffee’s effects on your oral health and diet, as well as how to mitigate them. Hodges, SC 29653 Dentist Contrary to popular belief, the pigments that give coffee its color can […]