Month: April 2022

The Truth Behind “Natural Whitening” Fads | Best Dentist in Hodges SC

Greenwood Dentist

It seems like there is a new headline nearly every week featuring someone who swears their teeth are whiter and brighter due to their natural home remedy for stain removal. These articles showcase the idea that whitening can be cheap and easy, if in some cases unpleasant. It can be tempting to consider trying for […]

Silence Isn’t Always Golden | Hodges SC Dentist

Greenwood Dentist

Periodontal disease is a progressive inflammation of the gum tissue. It is most frequently caused by bacterial infection. Left untreated, gum disease can have serious consequences for your oral and overall health.  However, our dentist in 29653 agrees that one of the biggest challenges for early detection and treatment of gum disease is its silence. […]